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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I'm usually not one to write about beauty, haircare, or skincare products. Although I am no beauty guru, I do love to pamper myself and get dolled up at times. So I decided to write about some my favorite items I love or items I would like to try.


I'm sure skincare junkies have heard about this product. Apparently they have just went eco-friendly and their products are skin and beauty based. On their website they describe their products as "inspired by the people who use them, along with people to be inspired by, and for you to inspire." i don't know what that means but I am a sucker for minimalist gorgeous packaging and they have it. I am definitely going to check their products out.

Once again I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging. This is another skincare line that is floating around, and I hear raving reviews about. They apparent include ingredient in their products that are  therapeutic. For me, say no more. Oh and they are also animal-friendly, and only test on animals. Hooray to being against animal-cruelty. All their products have an emphasis on organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients.

frank body
I love frank. Me and frank have a complicated relationship. For one their body scrub products smell like coffee.  For anyone who has ever visited my blog knows my love for coffee. Their stuff leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling good. The only thing is the body scrub can get a little messy. But if you ask me. It's worth it. Plus their prices are reasonable.


Okay, this thing here is my staple foundation of all time. It covers well, feels lightweight, has a natural satin finish and lasts all day long. i cannot stress how much i love this way more than the revlon color stay which feels thick and is so full coverage.


ogx beauty
This stuff is amazing. I have used their milk shampoo, conditioner, hair creme and oil. All of it just works wonders on my hair. My hair is left moisturized by both the shampoo and the conditioner. Most shampoo leaves my hair feeling dry, but not this brand! Their aftercare hair products do the same. If you are like me and need alot of moisture in your hair because your hair soaks it right up these products are for you. And even if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, they have so many products for different types of hair. i wouldn't be surprised if all of it works wonders/

Welp, that's all for my 2019 beauty favorites.

what's your favorite skincare/beauty products in 2019?

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