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Friday, April 26, 2019

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Let's be real, reading takes effort. It takes time and sometimes we may switch books halfway because we aren't feeling the material which is fine. I find that due to full-time college and working I haven't been able to read more. I am now trying to make it a goal this year to try and read more. I recently re-joined Good Reads, and am trying to focus on incorporating reading into my daily routine if possible. I have a few tips and tricks to try to do so. Hopefully these can help you.

set time for reading

I think this is obvious. prioritizing reading is a most. Try to include your book into your daily routine. Maybe this means reducing social media time, tv time, or even internet time. Find a quiet spot, get comfortable and try to take the time spending at least 30-40 minutes to reading, if you can dedicate more time do so. If you travel to work or school by bus, train or whatever form of public transportation is, these are good times to snatch some time to read. Let's acknowledge that reading takes effort, so managing your time can be helpful.

carry your reading material 

Now this may not be suitable for every occasion but for times when it is, bring your book along. If you have a heavy hardcover book. I try to purchase paperback books, but if you prefer you can always go digital as well. It's all about your budget and what form you prefer.

read before bed

This probably the best way to actually make progress with you're reading if you find yourself super busy throughout the day. A bit of reading before bed, is helpful. I tell myself to at least read 1-2 chapters before bed. So setting page goals is helpful as well.

keep track of your progress

I find myself always losing track of what page i left off on, or chapter. So i find keeping track of my reading progress, is helpful and fulfilling.  I get excited knowing that i've finished a book or am nearing close to the end. This means you can grab a new book and start a new reading adventure. I track my reading progress on Good Reads, because bookmarks for me tend to fall out the book. You can also bookmark your progress with digital form.

pick quick reads

If you find yourself losing interest in the middle of a book, or want to take a break from your current read but don't want to abandon the book altogether you can pick a second easier book to read. A quick easy read can give you a break, and then go back to your previous book. Easy reads are also helpful for people who feel they don't have enough time to dedicate to a super long book or series. Start small, short, and keep it simple, if this helps.

That's it for all the reading tips and tricks I have. I hope you find these useful, because these have definitely worked for me. The key thing is to schedule reading time for yourself. I am still trying to keep up with this habit.

what are your tips and tricks to read more? what is the one thing that makes you read less?

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