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Sunday, May 5, 2019

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I know one of the things I spend the most time on, whether it's my portfolio site, blog site, or anime site is changing my themes. I used to be the type to go all out, and buy new themes often expensive ones because those were the ones I tend to like, until i realized, I can modify a multipurpose theme and essentially give my site a new look.

choose a multipurpose theme you can modify
A multipurpose theme is awesome, because it's not just as is, and labeled specifically as a blog theme. You can switch up the side bars moving them left or right or even modify/delete them. I purchase alot of my themes from Etsy or creativemarket for my Wordpress themes.

communicate with the theme owner/creator
I recommend when browsing for themes, Etsy is a good resource site to go too. You can save money by purchasing themes around the $10-$20 range. Maybe even cheaper.  I also recommend themes that come with a free installation, and reading the reviews to see how helping the owner is when need support or having questions about how to use your theme or even customize it. Make sure the person you are buying themes from is ready to help you. There is nothing worse than purchasing themes and your answers go unresponsive. Also it helps to make sure there is an installation guide or link available and read through that.

I recommend for Blogger themes:

For Wordpress themes I recommend:

All shops are managed by people who are extremely and friendly, and despite my thousand and one questions are really helpful and patient.

play around with different colors and fonts
Colors and fonts make a huge difference. It can change overall look of your site. People tend to associate minimalism with just being black and white but it's more to that. A minimalist theme can have color,  just look at my site. Minimalism means its clean, easy to read or view. Color choice has nothing to do with it. Now if something is overusing color then it can tend to stray away from the minimalist spectrum. But it's all about your site looking, professional and clean. I would suggest using pale, or neutral colors instead of the classic white.  I recommend using accent colors for links. Likewise experiment around with fonts also, particularly when it comes to differentiating font sizes and styles or headings, title, tags, labels etc.

change your layout setup
If you are bored with your layout structure, I recommend removing sidebar or re-arranging it to be on the left or right. The same thing goes for your content margins, padding etc.

if you have more tips, do share them in the comment box below! I'd love to hear.

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