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Thursday, April 11, 2019

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No matter how you refer to her Aunt Flo, Time of the month, Carrie, Code Red at the end of the day, let's be honest it can be a b*tch and difficult to deal with. Whether it's the mood swings or the dreaded cramps we have to deal with every month. For those of you who are like my mom and sister, lucky enough to go through period without any problem — no cramp no pain — then say your blessings. Unfortunately if you are like me who goes through first day of period feeling like Maleficient, I have a few quick tips on how to survive a week of bloody hell.

A quick disclaimer (because this is needed in a world where everyone can interpret what you say wrongly and still be so defensive or be judgmental), what works for me may or may not work for you. Also keep in mind that i am not an expert and I don't claim to be one. These are strictly based on my personal experiences and since most of them work for me, I hope they help you a little too.

  1. Grab a towel or cloth and soaked it in hot or warm water (I usually throw it in the microwave for a few seconds) and place it on your stomach as a warm compress. You can also use a heating pad.
  2. If your body feels tense or sore, try to lie down instead of sitting down or worse, standing up. if you're not at home, try to some walking around to increase blood flow and ease the tension that causes cramps. 
  3. Vitamins! Believe it or not, vitamins and supplements actually help ease menstrual cramps. I take women's one-a-days- or iron pills.)
  4. If you are one that don't mind taking pain killers, I suggest for pain medication taking Midol. It's specifically made for pms and helps alleviate cramps. bloating, etc.
  5. This may be a difficult one if you love coffee like me but try to avoid caffeine and alcohol since they may cause your stomach to feel bloated or increase bleeding/cramp pain. I try to go with Raspberry tea that's caffeine-free teas instead. Peppermint tea is a go-to classic for pms and also helps with cramps.
  6. Avoid sugary food — e.g. soda! Good thing for me I don't like soda and drink juice but if you love soda, make sure to minimize your consumption. It can dehydrate you and may increase period cramps - just like coffee.
  7. eat warm comfort food, but in small consumptions. I crave sweets when I am on my cycle like ice cream or if chocolate, if you will — not a lot, just in moderation for the mood swing or to kick the cravings.
  8. Stay hydrated and avoid fatty food. drink water to feel less bloated and incorporate healthy foods into your diet (e.g. fruit, veggies, etc...)
  9. Take a warm bath. If you have a bathtub, take a relaxing warm bath. if you don't, take a warm/hot shower. I find that warm showers or baths relaxes my muscles and relieves me of cramp pains.

  1. Take bathroom breaks every 2-3 hours. When i'm on my period, I find myself urinating more than usual. I guess this one is pretty self explanatory.  It's bad for your bladder and can possibly increase your changes of a UTI.
  2. Change your sanitary pads (or tampons but i personally use pads) every 3-4 hours regardless if you have a heavy flow or not. These hours are recommended to prevent bacteria buildup. Vaginal health is important.
  3. I personally recommend wearing sanitary pads with wings! I find wingless pads, difficult as they are always sliding around or bending inward. this is important if you tend to worry about leakage and heavy flow a lot.
  4. Always carry spare pads or tampons with you! 
  5. Avoid wearing white underwear or pants if possible. This is pretty much self-explanatory. 
  6. Menstrual panties / underwear can be a life saver especially if you have a heavy flow. They make these for a reason. Unlike normal underwear they don't make your sanitary pad slip around which prevents leakage or getting stains on your fabric. Menstrual panties are also usually tight and this makes them feel more secure. 
  7. Wear comfortable pants and avoid skinny fit or tight jeans! When I am on my period I either go for skirts, leggings, sweats or loose short pants to avoid feeling extremely tight and bloated.
  8. Dispose of your tampons or pads properly PLEASE. I have seen people who did not fold their used pads properly and just threw them into the garbage bin or even worse - the toilet. If possible, use plastic bags or news paper to cover them up before dumping them into the bin. Alternatively, you can use toilet papers to wrap it up or even the pad's plastic cover.

I've provided all the helpful tips I use to survive aunt flo. If you have more tips and suggestions on how to handle aunt flow (before, during or after), feel free to turn the comment section into a discussion box so we can all help each other. Any and all suggestions are always greatly appreciated.

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