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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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So I've been following Mat D'Avella on YouTube for a while now after watching his documentary on Minimalism (you can read about my take on the documentary here). Now granted I love the minimalism style when it comes towards graphic design - heck that is my style. But I was wondering how I could carry this over into real life form?

Turns out after going beyond the design definition of minimalism you can apply it to life in many forms, relationships, personal life etc.  I feel like I could use some decluttering in my life. I am always going in so many directions, doing so many things, feeling overwhelmed at times. So why not join the journey that so many others have and take a different approach to life.

The Closet
I started with my wadrobe. I always felt like I never had things to wear although I have a closet full of clothes. Until I realize it wasn't that I didn't have things to wear. It's alot of things my closet that I don't wear. So what did I do? Dropped items off at my local Goodwill. When I say I felt better about opening my closet and seeing less clutter - a sense of relief. I knew this was the right direction to take.

Living Space
The text was *drumroll* the living quarters.  I have a cabinet in the living room, and that was cluttered with unnecessary papers etc. it took me about 2 hours to sort through the nonsense and keep what was of importance. This also applies to other areas of your house or apartment like bedroom, linen closet, work area, you name it. It never ends!

When it came to the kitchen it was so much stuff in a considered 'junk drawer' - don't judge me everyone has one lol and this was only the beginning. I also never realized how many necessary mismatch lids and tons of kitchenware containers I had until I did a deep deep decluttering.

I swear you'd be super surprised how much leftover or unused refrigerated or freezer goods is in your fridge until you do a deep and through cleaning - at least that's how it was in my case. I tossed out expired can goods that somehow got pushed to the back, from frozen leftover meals I knew we weren't going to eat again. It was definitely a mess. Hahah this makes me sound like hoarder - which I am definitely not, but it just goes to show how much a person can use a nice de-cluttering.

I definitely wondered what took me so long to start this awesome journey. Most likely the most common thoughts of 'i'm too busy' 'i'm tired' 'i just can't find the time' etc. But I am telling you, you will NOT regret doing this. Now my personal minimalism story can go on and on so I decided to make this post as short, and simple and less cluttered - haha get it? as possible!

Take Away Tips (Now What Have We Learned)

1. Prioritize. Observe your living space. Keep what's of importance to you and serves purpose. If it doesn't get rid of it properly.

2. Dress a little Less! I will say if you do take a minimalist approach to cleaning out your closet and have a change of heart for a wardrobe change, consider Project 333. You only dress with 22 items for 3 months (this includes shoes, jewelry, etc). Now this may sound extreme, but according to thousands of people this has made life way more easier.

3. Donate Donate Donate! If it can be re-used, recycle, and given to someone who will need it more than you donate it. Don't just chuck things away willy nilly like. Be resourceful. :)

4. When Travel, travel lightly. The next time you take a trip, pack a  little lightly. I you can wash and if you need to or wear the same things twice. It'll make a world of a difference feels to carry less stuff.

5. Jot it down. I recommend if you don't know where to start, start simple. Make a list of what you would to de-clutter and take baby steps. This is a good idea if you don't want to just go all in like I did. Organization is key.

6. Get rid of duplicates. Go through your things and if you have duplicates put it in a box and store it away or if you don’t need anything, donate it.

7. Have a clutter-free zone. If you don't want to de-clutter every single area of your house, You could choose a designated area to call your own clutter-free zone. If you enjoy it clean more and expand into other areas bit each day, until it becomes the clutter-free minimalist home you want.

To finish off this post here is a  YouTube videos about Minimalism. Enjoy :)

Would you be interested in trying a minimalism way of life? Do you already live this way?


  1. I've wanted to declutter and minimilize for ages but find it so daunting and overwhelming when I try. My husband and I live in a tiny house that you could litterally stand in one corner and throw a rock to the opposite corner if there wasn't any walls in the way. I find coming from a bigger apartment we just have so much clutter and the house was mostly furnished when we moved in which makes it worse. I need to find/create some storage space. The tips you have and that are in the video would really help. I am going to have to watch some more videos I think!

    1. Glad I could be of help Kristen, I totally agree. I feel like overtime we wind up with so much stuff, and then one day we look up and it's like wow, I have alot of stuff. I think even if people decide not to take the minimalist lifestyle approach that they should, de-clutter once in a while! :) Any little thing will help.


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