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Friday, April 19, 2019

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I've always loved coffee and been a religious coffee drinker but this year I've became more health conscious about what I eat and about my coffee consumption. So I've decided instead of cutting out coffee altogether, I made the decision to go decaf. I was so addicted to coffee I decided to ignore the side effects and discomforts that it gave me. Now that I went decaf I noticed it has definitely helped me improved my functionality and way of life.

Here's some of the symptoms I noticed I would get:

1. Fatigued
The burst of energy was great but it was only temporary, and when I say I would crash, I would do it mega hard.  I was left feeling sluggish, tired and sometimes I even fet even more tired than before.

2. The Shakes
I would get the shakes or as people come them jitters. The adrenaline rush was no joke. I'd feel restless, leg constantly shaking, feeling like I have to move and do something, my brain going a million miles per hour - thoughts just all over the place.

3. Emotional
I also noticed I would have terrible mood swings, like feeling easily annoyed, extremely irritated and ready to snap at anyone.

4. Headaches & Pains
I recall my stomach hurting at times or experiencing extremely bad headaches. This was no good. Sometimes I even felt nauseous.

5. Insomnia
I felt restless, and would wind up going to bed at like 12 or later at night having to go to work the next day and wake up early, all because I couldn't go to sleep. I wound wake up in the mornings showing up to work looking like a zombie. Some coworkers even commented on how tired I was looking. And what did I do? Guzzle down another cup of coffee to gain back my energy - temporarily that is.

The Switch to Decaf
My mom was constantly telling me if I can't give up coffee (I mean how could i? I was drinking it out of a lion king cup since I was a kid, thanks to my grandma) she suggested I switched to decaf. After getting tired of feel the effects caffeine routine and and tired of my many restless days, I made the switch. Let me tell you, it was the best decision I have made. Next thing I knew a week grew into a month and from there, i made the switch successfully. I wish i can say that i am totally coffee caffeine-free. If I need my coffee fix at work because I didn't prep any in the morning at home, I'll stop by the coffee machine at work. But if I am heading on over to DD or Starbucks decaf is my choice.

white ceramic teacup filled of matcha tea
image from unsplash

I've also recently gotten into teas - never thought I would say this in a million years. Well matcha anyway. I used to hate tea, and although it's still not 100% my favorite thing to drink. I will drink it from time to time, if I am sick or suffering from cramps or want to give my body a break from even decaf coffee. I use matcha powder since I am not one who really likes teas in bag forms. Matcha powder is one of my absolute favorites to make.

i used to think about how do non-coffee drinkers survive without coffee and yet, look at me now.

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Do you experience side effects to either one or both?


  1. I have never been able to handle coffee. I don't much like the taste and it always gives me a headache and the jitters. I can't say I am caffine free. I love my Coke Zero, especially Cherry Coke Zero. But coffee was never an issue for me. I am glad you were able to go decaf, so much better for you. I tried getting my husband to go decaf but he says it defeats the point of drinking it and that most people don't like the taste but become accustomed to it as they crave the caffine so much. I disagree. I have gotten into herbal teas lately like peppermint, chamomile and apple cinnamon.

  2. I never really drank much coffee. Love the smell of it though. I tried it black once when I was stupid tired, and of course didn't care for it. I'll sometimes have frappe's or frozen coffee, but those taste more like shakes then anything. That's about as far as I go.

    I'm glad the switch has made you feel better! Those kind of side effects are yucky.

  3. It is interesting to learn about how decaf improved your day-to-day routine. I had decaf for the longest then switched to caffeine. I can relate to you about having the jitters. All of that rush of energy makes you feel like you need to do so many things at once. I'm glad that the switch worked out to you! Teas are great as well. There are so many different teas you can brew up. Matcha is delish! I prefer coffee over tea, but I am also a sucker for milk tea, hehe.

    Nancy ♥


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