Infatuation vs. Love

Friday, May 3, 2019

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You ever come across or even know someone who is desperate to be in a relationship and hates their single life? My best friend and I recently talked about how one of my fellow friends needs to embrace her single life. Let love happens when it happens. I know there are people in this world who take their single status seriously, however, it does not compute in my mind when one gets extremely desperate about wanting to have a partner.

Growing up, I've always been someone who puts relationship at the end of my list. I'd rather spend my time reading and or doing other productive things. Please don't get me wrong, i'm not dissing anyone who thinks romantic relationship is a gift to mankind. you do you. But i never quite understood how some people turn into a whiner about why they are single and how sad they are. This is a cringefest I do not always want to be around and be the topic of discussion 24/7. Love is not infatuation. Love is a commitment, a mutual understanding and coexistence. You can be as selfless as you want and still, at the end of the day when you realize that none of your effort is reciprocated, you'd feel the exhaustion and perhaps the disappointment.

I think a lot of people fall in love (or at least, they think they are) so easily because they don't usually observe the important factors underneath. I have seen a lot of relationships fall apart, i have seen a lot of girls saying they're in love only to break up after a year or two because they cannot differentiate between being infatuated or in love. I always tell everyone that breakups are easy and the challenge is when you have to maintain the relationship.

I think what i'm trying to say is that before you claim yourself to be in love with someone, take a moment to think about whether it really is love or just a mere infatuation. Also reflect on yourself, and make sure the love starts within first. Infatuation is easy, love isn't.

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