What Creative Type Are You?

Saturday, May 4, 2019

So Adobe make a fun little online quiz that reveals what creative type you are.

To take the test, you’ll need to answer 15 simple questions about yourself — there are “cutscenes” between the questions that you can skip by pressing the link in the bottom right-hand corner.

Based on your responses, the quiz will assign you to one of 8 creative types: the Artist, Thinker, Adventurer, Maker, Producer, Dreamer, Innovator, or Visionary.

I'm certainly not surprised I got the Artist creative type. I love to think about imaginative designs and push the boundaries. These were my results:

Creative Strength 
Ability to bring ideas and concepts to life

Untapped Potential
Untapped Potential Becoming totally fearless in your expression

Ideal Collaborator 
The Producer

As an ARTIST, you need to create in order to feel truly alive. Full of ideas and visions, you’re driven by the desire to express yourself and transform the world around you.

The ARTIST type lives in the space between the inner and outer worlds, and your gift is the ability to powerfully manifest what’s inside of you. That’s not always an easy task, but with it comes the capacity to create works that speak to others on a deep level and inspire new ways of seeing the world.

With your love of beauty and your connection to the senses, you have a strong aesthetic orientation and you crave well-designed environments. Whatever creative field you end up pursuing, you tend to work best on your own and crave the independence that lets you freely follow your creative impulses. You’re at home in a state of flow—easily becoming so engrossed in whatever project you’re working on that you lose all sense of time and space.

Your biggest challenge is working through creative blocks stemming from your emotional nature. You know well that in the “war of art,” fear and self-doubt are your biggest enemies. Practice diplomacy instead of waging war, and you’ll learn to turn enemies into trusted allies pointing you in the direction of creative greatness; in other words, listening to your fear can tell you exactly what you need to do.

Together, the ARTIST and the PRODUCER form a powerful creative duo with the vision and drive to manifest ideas on a large scale. Seek out collaborations with the dynamic and pragmatic PRODUCER to amplify your impact and take your projects across the finish line.

So head on over to the Creative Types website if you'd like to discover your own creative personality.

 What are your creative type results? I'd love to know. 

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