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Well, Hi there. I'm Brandi, a graphic designer by day and a nocturnal owl at night. I'm a design nerd (I love every aspect of design), an avid Pinterester and an all-things-creative lover. I enjoy video games, frappuccinos, and sleep - although I don’t tend to get much. I find comfort in good books and films. Other things that I love — chocolate, drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee for every occasion, lazy weekends, cats, unicorns (haha) and video games.

For graphic design services you can check out my portfolio. Feel free to email me at hello[AT]brandirodesign.com.

About frappe thoughts

Frappé Thoughts is a journal with no niche, from the rantings and ramblings of another girl on the web. An online journal blog about lifestyle and other visually engaging things. The name itself comes from my obsession with drinking frappuccinos. This blog that serves as my personalized space on the web for my unfiltered thoughts, likes, and anything and everything else in between.

All posts written here are based on my thoughts only. I credit any images posted here to their rightful owners. If you are wondering if I'm available for collaboration or want to read my full disclosure, head to this page.

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