This page list blogs that I admire or exchange links with. If you want to link with me just drop me a note.

Lucien @ Hikarimono
Jamie @ Novel Bytes
Erin @
Dee @ Crumple Lucinda
Michelle @ Dreaming Arcadia
Sakura @ Violin Star
Kristen @ Story Bout A Girl
Megan @ Entrial-Tales
Euri @ Beyond Enternal
Tiffany @ Love Is Zero
Kassy @ Moonstone
Ashley @ Jrolik Caludin
Deanna @ Stubborn Ox
Ashley @ Ongaku
Nicole @ Nicole Jeanette

I'm Listed At
Nerd Listings
Link Lane
Bloglist Me
Smooth Sailing
Electro Listings

Blogs I Love
Lovely @ My Name is Lovely
Deb @ Deb's Decorative Life
Nancy @ Exquisitely Me

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